Late summer 2016 was one of the heaviest new release periods we’ve ever had here at the label. A number of new Gilead Media titles are completed, in stock, and shipping now via Eroding Winds, the official source for Gilead Media mail order. Dig in to these records now:


Anicon – Exegeses LP

The first full-length from Anicon is completed and shipping now.

Founding members Nolan Voss and Owen Rundquist began writing material together for this project in 2010, at that time planning to name their first EP Anicon while the project itself would remain nameless, allowing the EP to stand as a singular expression. Quickly the project developed into a full band that began writing more material, so the Anicon name would be repurposed.

Exegeses is the result of constant writing over the course of two years. And although other material was written and recorded through this time, the pieces chosen for the album were selected to work together as a single statement, similar to the original EP but in a significantly more developed fashion. The works on Exegeses represent what is very much a new stage for Anicon. Though they are thoroughly rooted in the US black metal sound, their style reaches further into the realm of the more technical. Favoring elaborately composed pieces that still retain every bit of fury and visceral energy that black metal is fundamentally founded upon.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth in November 2015. It is presented as a gatefold LP with stunning photography by Kari Greer. A digital download code is included.  All LPs on black vinyl.

Listen & purchase the LP now:

Listen & purchase the digital album now:


Kind words from reviewers:

– “A masterpiece of modern usbm that not only displays anicon’s full potential, but black metal’s as well.” – Decibel Magazine 8/10 review

– “The players’ fervor, their fury; you can hear it in each member’s performance. Every ounce of “Amber” conveys what the rest is getting at. And true, bits of it are abstract, complex, insert your word here. The music, the whole, that feeling though, interprets it better than words or images.” – Stereogum

– “Exegeses” already is on the short list of the best music put out so far in this middle-aged 2016, and it’s easily one of the most satisfying black metal records that have crawled out of any land during that time” – Meat Mead Metal (chosen as Pick Of The Week”

– “Anicon are one of the most exciting American black metal prospects in years.” Dead Rhetoric 8/10 review

– “Exegeses is one of black metal’s highlights this year” – Treble Zine

– “Anicon’s pushed themselves to an entirely new level and deserve to be a significant part of the conversation when it comes to U.S. black metal.” – Transcending Obscurity

– “Exegeses is an incredible record from the opener straight through to ‘In Shadow and Amber’, which ties the monolithic journey together.” – Echoes & Dust  

Arms Aloft – What A Time To Be Barely Alive LP

“What the fuck is Gilead Media doing?” wondered the observant black / doom metal enthusiast. Well, I’ll tell you… we’re doing whatever the fuck we want. And that includes working with my fellow Wisconsinites, and unsung heroes of the American DIY punk community, Arms Aloft, on the U.S. vinyl release of their new full-length, What A Time To Be Barely Alive.

The official blurbage is below, since I haven’t included that in a newsletter just yet and this release came together very quickly. I urge you to give this a album a listen, regardless where you own musical tastes lie. You know at this point that I don’t put the Gilead Media name on anything I think is below a specific level of quality. And Arms Aloft are far above that line.

Listen & buy LP version now:

Watch the video for “The Truth Is Out There” now:


Official label blurb from Gilead Media:
Based jointly in Minneapolis, MN and Eau Claire, WI, Arms Aloft was founded in 2007 as an outlet for that which many of us raised in the northern mid-west can only uniquely, truly understand. A small-town life in a working-class community, where your future seems carved out for you from the forests that surround city limits. Where a greater portion of the year is cold than it is warm. Where boredom is the standard and all the optimism in the world can’t seem to brighten your view of tomorrow when you’re surrounded by a population that spends most nights belly up to the bar.

Throughout 4 eps/splits on various labels and a debut full-length on Kiss Of Death Records in 2012, Arms Aloft have carefully honed an inherent songwriting skill into something considerable and exceptional. A skill that has been road-tested throughout numerous US/EU tours and appearances at The Fest in Gainesville, FL, where they will be featured on the main stage in 2016.

All the experiences of the last nine years come together on What A Time…, their second full-length, where the compositions surge with the feeling of dedicated malcontent and a primal inability to bend or bow. Every track is an ear-worm that boasts of anthemic, meaningful lyrics. But, above all, and what really forces us to continue working with this band, their lyrics and performance are astonishingly impassioned. At the end of the day, there are very few bands that I’ve listened to or seen live that can match the pure integrity and honest energy or Arms Aloft. This is the very definition of what mature, thoughtful, and melodic punk was meant to be.

What A Time To Be Barely Alive will be presented as a single LP on black, blue, and bone white vinyl, with a download code included. The package will also feature a 12-page booklet with original artwork by Landon Sheely. The CD and digital will be handled by Red Scare Records, while the LP is being released world-wide in partnership with Sawdust City Records (US), Guerilla Asso (France), All In Vinyl (UK), Hectic Society (Germany), Eager Beaver (Japan).

In the world of underground culture and music, the venn diagram of beliefs, ethics, and creative intent between DIY punk and black / doom metal likely has far more overlap than one might initially think. And for those of you, like me, that grew up in the hardcore community, hanging out with the punks, the pairing or Gilead Media and Arms Aloft is a lot less surprising than it should be.


Kind words from press:

– “Lyrics come flying, they make you think and feel, and pretty soon the melody they’re glued to becomes embedded in the muscle memory of your throat. What a Time to Be Barely Alive is powerful stuff.” – Dying Scene 4.5/5 review

– “Their new album is a true testament to their growth as people and as a band. Though their statement is rather bleak, it takes a poetic turn in the final track “… A World To Win,” that says yes, things are bad, but yes, we have to keep trying to make them better: “Through thick and through thin and through thinner yet / Let the stuck down stick together.” – Volume One

– “In the end, I have to say, this is absolutely a strong contender for my Album of the Year. I haven’t stopped listening to it since its digital release. Now that I have a physical copy in hand, I have a feeling it’s going to take over my record player for the foreseeable future.” – For The Love Of Punk

Krallice – Hyperion 12-inch EP

It just doesn’t feel right at GLM HQ if a year passes by without a Krallice release. So we’re extra pumped that we got to knock out two of them in such quick succession.

Although released in 2016, this EP was written and recorded in 2013 for an intended split release that never materialized. Rather than allowing this material to remain in the shadows, Krallice chose to present the album as its own release. The songs contained therein are a perfect view into the transition between 2012’s Years Past Matter and Ygg huur, intricate yet atmospheric.

Hyperion was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Krallice guitarist Colin Marston, and will be pressed as a 45 rpm 12” on 180 gram black vinyl. Download code included. Cut from a vinyl master by Rare Form Mastering, pressed at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland.

Listen & buy LP version now:


Kind words from press:

– “Krallice’s ability to speak as one entity despite the presence of so many disparate voices is what made us all turn our heads back in 2008 when the band emerged with little promotion, fully formed and with a sound seemingly crafted over eons. Maybe it’s been their habit all along and we’re just now catching on.” – Invisible Oranges

– “This is the work of a delightfully earthbound and centered band—part of a scene, sure, but apart from it, too, more focused on the work itself than the worry around it.” – Pitchfork / 8.3 score

– 8/10 review in Decibel Magazine


Mizmor – Yodh 2LP

– Decibel Magazine Interview:

The monstrous second full-length from Mizmor is finally completed and shipping now. We couldn’t possibly be happier with how this released turned out, sonically and physically. The jacket is a thick, tip-in Stoughton gatefold jacket with a matte finish, flooded black pockets, and a black foil stamp on the back cover and inner gatefold. Black vinyl is contained within poly-lined black inner sleeves, with stunning imagery by painter Zdzisław Beksiński, licensed and scanned directly from the paintings themselves in Poland.

An epic conceptual exploration, Yodh finds the project at its most focused state. Over the course of the 60+ minute, five-track album Mizmor takes the listener to a place entirely new for the band. The album is an impassioned struggle with the nature of survival – why humankind continually chooses life each day in the face of adversity, pain, depression, and suffering.

Listen & buy the LP version now:


Kind words from press:

– “Like much of Yodh, “v. Bask In The Lingering” takes its time, at first carving space out of a low, windswept drone that beds a slow, mournful guitar melody for a few minutes. But like a Mournful Congregation dirge blasted by Panopticon’s blistering twin-leads, a swarming feedback-drone bursts into a breakneck black-metal-punk rage, giving A.L.N., Mizmor’s sole member, a pulpit from which to spew a sermon on survival in the midst of pain” – NPR track stream writeup

– “A.L.N. demonstrates a penchant for punishing the listener in so many different ways, but also establishes a talent for creating harmony layered within the chaos.” – Sludgelord

– “With five tracks spanning the course of an hour, Yodh is not an album that reveals itself immediately. Instead, in small moments of beauty, aggression, and catharsis, Mizmor draws the listener in, making these monolithic songs (the shortest track here is over ten minutes long) feel manageable and gripping.” –Black Metal & Brews

– “Yodh is heavy — immensely, even cripplingly heavy at times. That’s essential for weighty subject matter like this, and thanks to his time in both Urzeit and as a live member of Hell, A.L.N.’s got a knack for it. But more importantly, he understands that there’s more to “heaviness” than simply bludgeoning your listeners over the head. What sets Yodh apart is the way it deftly juxtaposes utter devastation with moments of somber introspection and adds depth to its core concept.” – Nine Circles

– “Somewhere in between everything, this album offers a pure cathartic experience. The crawling pace, the deep abbyssal vocals and tormented screams are a true aural embodiment of hell. It pushes the envelope and is almost a soundscape of looming darkness to its perfection. The way a track like ‘Bask in the Lingering’ builds up and then winds down only to rise again is majestic. You just got to love this album.” – Strange Aeons

– “Mizmor’s journey has been catastrophic in nature and strives to find greater understanding with the forces that impact our lives and world, and that’s heavily apparent on “Yodh.” A.L.N. obviously wrung his heart dry examining himself inside and out, seeking his own reasoning for what’s led him to where he is and sharing that energy and chaos on these five tracks. This is a record that will quake you and smash you to your core, and it might even help you understand your own mission better and what pours you in from one day to the next, ready to prevail over what ails you.” – Meat Mead Metal

Thou – Peasant CD (re-master / re-issue)

At long last. This might be one of the longest-scheduled releases in the history of the label. Peasant, the second full-length from THOU, has finally been re-issued. Full remastered by Adam tucker, with all new and expanded artwork presented in a tip-on gatefold jacket with 8-page booklet and obi strip. The same as every other THOU CD released by Gilead Media.

There’s not much more that needs saying here, folks. This album bridges the gap between Tyrant and Summit, and hearing it punch as hard as it should is a great joy for me.

Listen & buy the CD now:

The vinyl edition of this re-master is coming soon from Robotic Empire.



Hey, it finally happened. Running my own record shop has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager. When Eroding Winds moved into this space back in April as an office and warehouse for the online store, it was always with the idea that a retail shop was a possibility for the future. So on Labor Day weekend, we opened up the Eroding Winds record shop. A boutique shop focused on curating a collection of quality vinyl, new and used, across a variety of genres.

Opening weekend was totally nuts, and Nate Burns was here with original artwork on display alongside some of his prints, seeing as the first Saturday of each month is the downtown Oshkosh Gallery Walk, it seemed fitting to invite him for the opening.

Endless gratitude to all those that have supported the shop thus far, either online or by stopping by the retail shop. Life has been much more tolerable lately thanks to the support Eroding Winds and Gilead Media receive.

Everything has been a blur since then, hence a somewhat silent period on our behalf. Here are some photos from store preparation:

With the help of my partner Cari, and a group of kind friends, we built all of the LP bins for the shop ourselves using a nice, simple build plan online. Each bin cuts from one 4×8 piece of plywood.
Instead of getting custom printed bags, we got this nice big stamp and printed the bags ourselves. I really dig the way they turned out. Right: Cari, John, and Mary after a long day of staining, finishing, painting.
It was coming down to the wire and I still didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do for the front counter. Then I stumbled across this thing listed for sale online. It was a couple hour drive to pick it up with my buddy Mark’s truck, but it fit the space perfectly and cut out a lot of work building my own.
All set up. Just over a month since opening and we’re already working on plans for re-organizing, and I’ve begun building another seven record bins. Things are growing crazy fast, and the used vinyl has been a huge part of the growth around here. We’ve had some rad collections come in, and a lot of regular customers already that love digging through the used new arrivals. We’re looking forward to getting some more art on the walls, and some cool custom vinyl from our friends at Wax Mage.


If you’re in the area or passing through, swing on by the shop. Anything you see in the Eroding Winds online store is available here, alongside a ton of other records that are in store only, titles that wouldn’t fit into the curated online store. As of now the used vinyl will not be listed for sale online. In store only!

We are located at 605 S. Main St, Oshkosh, WI 54902. Open 11-7 Tuesday through Friday, 12-6 Saturday, and 12-4 Sunday.

New logo by AARON HORKEY, shirts and hoodies available now:

New logo by AARON HORKEY, shirts and hoodies available now:


I am quite pleased to finally unleash the new Gilead Media logo imagery, illustrated by the unparalleled Aaron Horkey.

When Gilead Media began in 2005, its purpose was to fulfill my own personal creative outlets and my desires to work with other like-minded artists. My motivations to be a part of art’s creation were influenced by many external factors in my life, and many inspirational pieces of art to which I felt a strong personal connection.

The old Gilead Media logo was representative of that original idea of the label, and over the years I feel as though Gilead Media has grown and evolved into something far greater than I ever intended. It has its own power now, it draws others into its light. It’s an entirely different creature.

Horkey’s art captures this emotion perfectly, and will server as a fitting image to represent the label for the next decade.

We have also printed up a series of t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts featuring this new imagery. The first run sold out in a day or so, but we have more arriving this week, so we’re taking orders now for that second run. Available on your choice of Gildan t-shirt, Next Level Apparel t-shirt, or Royal Apparel zip-up hooded sweatshirt garments. All three printed with light grey, water-based discharge ink.






Fundraising for the Oshkosh Area Humane Society

Fundraising for the Oshkosh Area Humane Society


Hello, yes. Please read, as this is actually important:

My partner of like 12 years, Cari, has spent the majority of her adult life working within the animal welfare industry, starting first as a volunteer (with me!) at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society and gradually working her way up to her position now as the intake manager and caregiving manager at OAHS. She and her staff care for every animal that comes through the door of the shelter. And that’s a lot of animals, roughly 2,400 yearly.

OAHS also has an astronomically high live release rate even amongst other life-saving shelters, something like 96% for the summer. That’s huge. That means they provide the required care (medical, behavioral, etc) to get animals adopted and placed into their forever homes in almost every single case. Nearly every animal that comes through the door requires some level of medical attention, and that comes at a cost.

This is the time when the Oshkosh Area Humane Society runs their only large fundraising event of the year, Walk For The Animals. Money is tight for a lot of people right now, I know. But if you have a few bucks to spare, please consider donating. Literally every, single, tiny, bit will help a bunny get a bot fly removed from its neck, a kitten get a surgery it needs to survive, or a stray puppy get its vaccines. Like our little buddy Tater when he came to the shelter as an 8 week old baby found in a snow bank.

Cari has touched countless lives through her work at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society, please consider supporting her as she continues her mission to save the lives of animals and touch the hearts of people in our community.

Fundraising for this year ends on Saturday the 17th.

Donate here:

NPR debuts a new Mizmor track, listen to “Bask in the Lingering” now…

NPR debuts a new Mizmor track, listen to “Bask in the Lingering” now…

Today we are very proud to unleash another track from the new Mizmor album, this time in cooperation with our friends at NPR.

This week the Viking’s Choice is Mizmor – Bask in the Lingering. The closing track on on the new full-length album, Yodh.

“Like much of Yodh, “v. Bask In The Lingering” takes its time, at first carving space out of a low, windswept drone that beds a slow, mournful guitar melody for a few minutes. But like a Mournful Congregation dirge blasted by Panopticon’s blistering twin-leads, a swarming feedback-drone bursts into a breakneck black-metal-punk rage, giving A.L.N., Mizmor’s sole member, a pulpit from which to spew a sermon on survival in the midst of pain”

Pre-order the 2LP vinyl:

Pre-order the cassette:

Pre-order the digital: