At long last, the debut full-length from CAVERNLIGHT is streaming in full and available for pre-order.

Today, June 16th, marks one year to the day since the doom quartet traveled to Minneapolis and began recording the album under the watchful gaze of Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording.

This document of suffering doom touches on the fundamental misery experienced by so many people trying to simply exist.

Listen to the full album and read an extensive write up / interview over at Noisey and then pre-order now.

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There lies a dark secret deep inside some of the people you meet throughout your life. An illness, a prevailing shadow, or a past of regretful choices. Despite the facade constructed to hide these truths, there is a malaise that takes hold and controls the underlying intent for that person’s actions. This is the Stream of Ache. This is the energy that drives ones actions although its source is a place where nothing nourishes.

Cavernlight was born from this stream, covered in the mire that lies at its bed.

Formed in 2006 by Scott Zuwadzhi (guitar, vocals, noise) and Adam Bartlett (drums, vocals), the project was intended to satisfy a need to write atmospheric dark music about the physical nature of existence. This was meant to be something entirely personal. Over the course of the next nine years Zuwadzhi and Bartlett would include others into the fold of the project to share in their misery, playing a small handful of select shows, and in that time welcome Patrick Crawford (guitar) and Brandon Pleshek (bass, synths) as permanent members, helping to define what Cavernlight was always intended to be.

After the release of their demo tape, Corporeal (Anti-Matter Records, 2015), Cavernlight buckled down to write the material for As We Cup Our Hands…, finally deciding to share their introspection with others. That period of writing would evolve into 5 movements detailing a life that is lived suffering through severe, crippling anxiety and the burden of mental illness. They discuss the arduous task of attempting to find truth in the natural world and work through psychological roadblocks, and the realizations one has as they begin to come out the other side and attempt to heal. The Stream of Ache is the source for these songs.

The influences of Cavernlight are numerous and run deeply into different genres, but ultimately all of them have one thing in common… pain and suffering prevail. Whether they be doom, black metal, noise, dark post-rock or even inspiration from beloved singer-songwriters that have since been put to rest and whose sadness lives on eternally, each source of inspiration deals with a fundamental hurt. On this debut full length Cavernlight have finally found a comfortable, mature balance between their influences, inspiration, and intended narrative. Using these elements they have crafted an album of miserable doom laced with harsh tones and heart-piercing melodies. There is no positive redeeming quality in this album, except that it is complete, and it no longer requires emotional energy.

As We Cup Our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache features guest appearances specifically chosen to help achieve the dynamic intent of the album, these guests include:

Rachel N. (vocals, from False)
Sarah Green (vocals and cello)
Michael Paparo (vocals, from Inter Arma).

The album was meticulously tracked, mixed, and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis, MN. Except Wander, Part II, which was recorded by Dean Hoffman at his studio in Oshkosh, WI. The album was recorded live in the studio with minimal over-dubs.

Photography by Scott Zuwadzhi and Samuel Thomas Claeys.


“Cavernlight’s music serves as a beautiful edifice to the parallels of art and pain. From Zuwadzhi’s dark photography for the album art to the band’s personal sacrifices for their riveting craft; As We Cup Our Hands… delivers a much-desired reminder of the emotive properties that excellent doom metal should inherently possess. For what is art if it does not move the artist or its audience to emotion? Here, Cavernlight makes damn sure that that sorrow is deeply felt.” – Noisey

“An album with something to say while still staying close to its influences, blending a heavy and satisfying haze of funereal doom sensibilities with plenty of evocative and convincing ideas.”Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“The music is immersive, dark, and swelling with emotion, and the journey is one so many of us face. Anyone out there suffering should know they’re definitely not alone, and this music could be their journey to healing.”Meat Mead Metal

“So many little things working together to make this record a wretched delight. I’ve abandoned all hope that I will hear anything better for the remainder of the year, and I am okay with it. Pure misery awaits you.”Inhale the Heavy

“Masterclasses in how to play with texture and space to create something at times ethereal and staggeringly heavy.”Nine Circles