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Zombunny tshirts are here!

First off, thank you to all those that have ordered the Zombunny t-shirts thus far! If you were one of those individuals then your order has shipped and should be coming through soon!

The men’s shirts are printed on Organic American Apparel Natural colored tees with water-based brown ink for maximum possible earth friendliness!

The women’s tees are printed on standard American Apparel women’s cut natural colored shirts, also with water-based ink!

Not only is water-based great for the environment, but it gives the print on the shirt a very soft touch. Actually, you can’t feel it at all. Very classy!

Finally, the best part about these is I printed them all myself, so each one has a little extra love in the print!

You can order one now for just $10 on the men’s tee and $12 on the women’s tee. You are not going to beat that price for made in the usa shirts printed with water-based inks!

Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity Reviews this week!

A couple of these came through, might as well blog ’em, right?

Jersey Beat

Mckeesport Daily News (Pittsburgh Suburb)

BLACK ARROWS OF FILTH AND IMPURITY, “1984 (Eternal)” (Gilead Media) 1 / 2 — Grindcore and ambient doom are things that don’t really go all that well together. One is of hurricane force and intensity, while the other lays its trap and waits for you, the listener, to get caught up in its sinew. Irresistible force, immovable object, you get it.
Indiana’s Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity have ignored the “don’t cross the streams” warning by … crossing the streams. On their “1984 (Eternal)” (originally released in 2006, now getting new treatment and an added song), they act like two bands doing a split release, and the effectiveness of said approach likely is up to the listener. Your humble narrator is cool with it, likes it a lot in fact, especially the mathy grind portion that blasts the earth’s crust into a bazillion pieces over five vicious tracks that are over in about 10 minutes. In fact, if you don’t realize they’re coming, they make the final two, experimental journeys (which last roughly 31 minutes combined) feel like a serious loop. You were just barreling down the road out of control, and now you’re leaning in for a long, thorny ride down the rabbit’s hole? Indeed, and it feels really strange, but the more you listen, the more you’re bound to like it. It also might make you think twice about toss­ing that lamp at the wall, knowing you’ll need something to do while the doom is sprawling everywhere. ( Brian Krasman )

Zombie Walk!

For those who may not have seen information on the old Gilead site about it, I have been working with some friends to organize a Zombie Walk in downtown Oshkosh for September 5th. Things are really coming together as we got a lot of work done yesterday with nailing down some sponsors for food and prizes. Lots of information can be found here:

Please make sure you try and make it out if you’re in the Wisconsin area!

New Gilead website

I just got this strange bug up my ass to re-do the entire Gilead Media website this evening/morning. Probably because I was working on getting this blog set up.

Even though the Gilead site received a massive overhaul the change has been more of a devolution. It’s more or less bare bones now, plain colors. But the menu is fun since it’s written in my own hand and not some silly font (with logo by my good friend Brian. A logo also featured on the Zombunny shirts and Tote Bags!)
So it’s 4:30, I need to wake up in less than four hours for work. It’s sure to be an eventful Thursday!
Check out the simple new site just to make me feel better about staying up to change everything

Thou/Black September test pressings

First blog post eh? Cool.

Got in the test pressings for the Thou/Black September split 7″ the other day but have not had time to sit down there and jam it out yet. In addition to this, their sudden arrival reminded me that I had not yet ordered the 7″ labels… woops. Cranked that out tonight!
In other Gilead news, I met with the printer today to get some quotes on the 7″ jacket and Tyrant CD repress booklet. The Oshkosh/Fox Valley area has a large printing industry, and it only makes sense for me to get those things printed locally, right? Hoping their prices are comparable to my old sources.
We’re almost entirely re-working the Tyrant CD booklet, fixing typos, reformatting text etc etc. Also printing it on a thicker stock with matte finish… party time!
In other Thou news, I finished creating the locked groove samples for the Thou/Leech split. Grim stuff! Can’t wait to get that record ironed out, finally. It’s going to be a fun one.
In addition to all this, I’ll be screen printing a number of inserts for Thou releases coming up:
Thou/Haarp split release poster insert
Thou/Leech split posters and patches
Thou/Black September split inserts
Lots of work to do all around!
This week I totally busted the shit out of my glasses somehow. I was just cleaning a lens and the cheap-ass italian frames broke. The lady at the optometrist thought taping them would be cool… thanks, lady.
So, at the grocery store I decide to get some super glue. Well, turns out the super glue fumes are eye irritants. So now instead of having taped glasses I can’t wear em at all, smooth move, me!
Appointment Aug 31 for new Rx and frames. Less 3-dimensional vision until then.
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