Gilead Media Release:

  • RELIC41
  • Mutilation Rites

  • Empyrean gatefold LP
  • $15.00
  • Format(s): vinyl
  • Release Date: September 18th, 2012
  • Status: available
  • Pressing Info:

    First pressing: 700 on 180g black
    Second pressing: 300 on clear


Before¬†I Am Legion was even complete the band approached me about working with them to do the vinyl edition of their Prosthetic Records debut. I was on board immediately, before even hearing the tracks. I knew what they were working on was far beyond what we had released prior, and couldn’t wait to hear it. I certainly was NOT let down. Everything about this record blew away my expectations. Then came Reuben’s artwork, which fit perfectly and made the overall release look absolutely stunning. I don’t oftentimes do a gatefold jacket for a single LP, especially a Stoughton tip-on jacket. But this was worth it, and really drives home the beauty of the record.

Reuben’s artwork is a take on Gustave Dor√©’s Empyrean image from The Divine Comedy.

Somehow this has managed to be the best sounding record I’ve ever released. I’m not sure how, but the first time I put the needle on this record I was floored.