RELIC49: Lychgate – Lychgate 180g LP

RELIC49: Lychgate – Lychgate 180g LP


I was informed of Lychgate when I was sent the tracks for their self-titled album late in 2012. I knew immediately and deeply that this record was something remarkable and that I wanted to release it, despite the fact that I rarely agree to work with a band with which I have no prior relationship, no mutual friends, or no prior knowledge.

Although founded by a single individual, Lychgate has come alive in present day with the collaboration of G. A. Chandler (Esoteric), Aran (Lunar Aurora), and T. J. F. Vallely (Omega Centauri), finding its lineup filled with musicians possessing proven skill at the top of their craft. On their self-titled album, Lychgate blend the mood of experimental doom with the execution of soundscape & melody-driven black metal. The result is something avant garde, expressive, atmospheric, and altogether unique.

Lychgate is a stand-alone entity for its own cause. Separate and independent from the conventions of metal, striving to create their own aural realm.

This self-titled debut full-length was recorded at Eidola Studios and Priory Studios between April and August 2012. It was mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Studios and features incredible cover art by Manuel Tinnemans. Lychgate contains no programming, and all instrumentation was performed and recorded without edits.

Packaged in a thick 24 pt jacket w/printed inner sleeve. Pressed on 180g black vinyl. Download code included.

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