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Gilead Media Summer Releases from Anicon, Gloam, Krallice, Mizmor

I always decide to load up my release schedule and give myself a ton of work to do just as I start to feel like I’m not drowning and things begin to calm down. But I’ve learned that’s how I thrive, as much as it stresses me out sometimes. When there’s too much to do, I’m content. The other thing that makes it okay is getting to work with a boat load of incredible people and bands, releasing records that are inspiring and captivating. The summer 2016 collection is no different, and I’m quite pleased to welcome so new blood to the Gilead Media family.

These releases should all be out just in time for Migration Fest this year. So stay tuned for pre-order info sometime in June for most of these.

There will also be a bunch more things coming later in the year after this batch. No rest.


RELIC75: Krallice – Hyperion 12″


On January 1st, 2016, following quickly behind the release of their recent full length, Ygg huur, Krallice unveiled a three song EP on their bandcamp page. These three tracks total 23 minutes 52 seconds and comprise the Hyperion EP.

Although released in 2016, this EP was written and recorded in 2013 for an intended split release that never materialized. Rather than allowing this material to remain in the shadows, Krallice chose to present the album as its own release. The songs contained therein are a perfect view into the transition between 2012’s Years Past Matter and Ygg huur, intricate yet atmospheric.

Hyperion was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Krallice guitarist Colin Marston, and will be pressed as a 45 rpm 12” on 180 gram black vinyl. Download code included. The expected release date for the vinyl is August 2016, although you can hear the album & purchase the CD version now at:


RELIC76: Gloam – Hex of Nine Heads 2LP

gloam web

Gloam are a band that we here at Gilead Media have had our ear and eye on since the release of their 2012 demo, which was quite an impressive initial offering. They’ve only become more captivating as a band since then, and when their 2015 debut full length Hex of Nine Heads came along as a cassette release on Caligari Records (limited to 175 copies) its force was undeniable. This is an album that simply requires the vinyl treatment.

The combination of filthy atmosphere and exceedingly creative musicianship on Hex… yields an hour of some of the most compelling black metal we’ve come across in years. The song writing potential that was hinted at on Gloam’s 2012 demo and 2014 cassette, Vanquished (Eternal Warfare), is now fully realized and pushed to the precipice.

Hex of Nine Heads was recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer studios with additional tracking by Lord Vast at The Temple of Ouroboros. Mastering was executed by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering. The album will be presented as a gatefold 2LP with new and re-envisioned artwork by Barney Fried, the artist behind the original imagery for the cassette release. The expected release date for the vinyl is July 2016. Although you can hear the album in its entirety now at Gloam’s bandcamp page:


RELIC77: Anicon – Exegeses LP

anicon web

This summer we welcome another project that has long been on our radar, Brooklyn black metal band Anicon. Although we already considered them to be sort of extended family (drummer Lev Weinstein is a part of Krallice while bassist Alexander DeMaria performs as part of the Yellow Eyes live lineup) we are none-the-less quite pleased to welcome Anicon as a proper part of the label family as they join us to present their first full-length album, Exegeses.

Founding members Nolan Voss and Owen Rundquist began writing material together for this project in 2010, at that time planning to name their first EP Anicon while the project itself would remain nameless, allowing the EP to stand as a singular expression. Quickly the project developed into a full band that began writing more material, so the Anicon name would be repurposed.

Exegeses is the result of constant writing over the course of two years. And although other material was written and recorded through this time, the pieces chosen for the album were selected to work together as a single statement, similar to the original EP but in a significantly more developed fashion. The works on Exegeses represent what is very much a new stage for Anicon. Though they are thoroughly rooted in the US black metal sound, their style reaches further into the realm of the more technical. Favoring elaborately composed pieces that still retain every bit of fury and visceral energy that black metal is fundamentally founded upon.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth in November 2015. It will be presented as a gatefold LP with stunning photography by Kari Greer. A digital download code will be included. The vinyl has an expected release date of July 2016, while a CD edition will be released simultaneously in Europe via Avantgarde Music


RELIC78: Mizmor – Yodh 2LP

mizmor web

Here we have the final announcement for our batch of summer albums, and one that I am quite pleased to be a part of, the release of the second full-length album from Portland, OR based one-man blackened-doom band, Mizmor.

Although there have been a number of EPs and split releases over the last four years, Mizmor has not released a full-length record since its self-titled first album in 2012. A.L.N. (the sole member of Mizmor) and Gilead Media are excited to announce this new installment entitled Yodh.

An epic conceptual exploration, Yodh finds the project at its most focused state. Over the course of the 60+ minute, five-track album Mizmor takes the listener to a place entirely new for the band. The album is an impassioned struggle with the nature of survival – why humankind continually chooses life each day in the face of adversity, pain, depression, and suffering.

Yodh is also elevated in its display of Mizmor’s most fully realized sonic experience. The album was recorded by A.L.N. himself, meticulously mixed by Sonny DiPerri, and mastered by Adam Gonsalves. This creative team pushes the sonic limits further than any previous Mizmor material in order to present a finished audio product suitable for such demanding themes. The result is simply brutal, harrowing and overwhelming blackened doom that surges with pure energy.

This album will be presented as a gatefold 2LP by Gilead Media, and as a self-released cassette edition. Both formats will feature packaging graced with four incredible works by painter Zdzisław Beksiński, licensed and scanned directly from the paintings themselves in Poland. A download code will be included with the albums. A released date of August 2016 is expected.



New dates for Arms Aloft, Mutilation Rites, Inter Arma, and Krallice. Head over to the shows/tours page now for details:


A couple Krallice links for your reading/viewing pleasure.

An interview w/Nick McMaster at the Bone Reader blog –


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Krallice records arrived a bit earlier this week than I had planned so I was able to get all pre-orders packed to ship out by the weekend! I had to have set a personal record for how quickly I got everything packed and shipped, and also with how much I sent on postage for a single shipment. Packed 26 mailing bins in three days. It’s been a long week. But everything is on the way and should be arriving soon!


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