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Gilead Fest 2014 Photos: Loss

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I intended to go easy on the releases for 2014, with the Gilead Fest and all coming up in July. Turns out I’ve packed the release schedule, which should be a surprise to know one that works me regularly. Over-commitment, something I love apparently. I’ll need to do some re-organizing at Gilead HQ to make some room on the shelves for these records. There are a ton of releases listed here I haven’t even made mention of yet, and a couple yet that need to be confirmed. 2014 will rule, look forward to these albums, everything coming out in 2014 after Thou’s Heathen and Geryon’s 12″ debut.

GLM016 – Thou – Tyrant 2LP – Their first full-length, finally released as a 2LP. Contains the Tyrant LP + Retaliation 12″, just liked the CD. Coming mid 2014.

RELIC36 – Thou – Peasant CD (re-mastered re-issue) – Their second full-length album. Re-mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording. Updated art and packaging. Coming mid 2014.

ELD040 – Mutilation Rites – I Am Legion 12″ repress – Grey vinyl. Coming February 2014.

RELIC41 – Mutilation Rites – Empyrean LP repress – Clear vinyl. Coming February 2014.

RELIC54 – Barghest – The Virtuous Purge LP – A full-length of new songs. Coming early 2014.

RELIC55 – Loss/Graves at Sea split CD/LP – A split of total doom. New songs from each band. Size of thevinyl to be determined. CD will be very limited. Recording nearly complete.

RELIC56 – Bastard Sapling – Instinct is Forever LP – One of two new albums Bastard Sapling will release in 2014. More details on everything soon.

RELIC57 – Alraune – TBA LP – The debut LP from this incredibly visceral Nashville black metal band. Their demo was one of the 50 best metal releases of the year over at Steel for Brains.

RELIC58 – False – TBA 2LP – Writing is nearly complete for their full-length. Recording in January, to be released mid 2014.

RELIC59 – Lychgate – TBA LP – Their follow up full-length of all brand new material. Recording April 2014.

RELIC60 – Thou – Collection 2CD – Still happening, as soon as we have time to make it so. A collection of the out of print EP + split material, pre-Summit.


Plans for Gilead Fest 2014 continue to come together behind the scenes. Every day I’m exchanging emails with folks, working out final details. Four new bands are now confirmed for 2014, and I can’t wait to watch them alongside all those in attendance.


As you should all know, Gilead recently released the debut s/t 2LP from this incredible band. Vhol have not played many shows, and all of the members have terribly busy schedules in their personal lives and with their other bands, so I’m absolutely thrilled that we are able bring them to Gilead Fest. Listen:


These guys continue to be one of my favorite modern doom bands, hands down. I come back to Despond repeatedly, especially as the year is coming to a close and doom dominates my playlist. Very pleased to have them appearing once again. Listen:


Earlier this year Bindrune released what is sure to be one of the finest doom albums of 2013. Seidr’s Ginnungagap takes you on an unreal journey. It’s dense as anything I’ve ever heard, and totally envelopes your senses. Additionally, I’m quite pleased to have Mr. Lunn performing as part of 2014’s festival. He and I first met at Gilead Fest 2012, and were fast friends. Listen:


2013 brought along many enjoyable records, but one of them I’ve been coming back to all year is this amazing debut from Owlfood. I’ve never been so taken by a cold e-mail from a band asking me to carry their record, but I’m awfully glad Thommy hit me up to inquire. This is a top 10 of the year, absolutely. I can’t wait to see them do their thing in Oshkosh next year. Listen:


I’m pleased to announce that EMPEROR Cabinets out of Chicago will be sponsoring Gilead Fest 2014! The backline for bands traveling without gear will be generously provided by Emperor, who make some of the most amazing cabinets in the industry. Many thanks to the fine folks at Emperor for making this happen. I’m quite happy to be partnered with them! Check out their work:

That’s all to announce for now. Familiarize yourself with these bands if you’re not already, and get amped for Gilead Fest 2014. Tickets will be going on sale around February 2014. Stay up to date on fest news at


I figured I should have some fun new stuff for sale if I’m going to launch a new online store. So I went ahead and printed a bunch of Mutilation Rites and Loss shirts that are for sale now. Two designs from each that haven’t been available in my store before, or available online at all.

All new shirts below are printed on Canvas brand 100% cotton t-shirts w/plastisol ink. The Canvas 3001 t-shirt is a ring spun garment, so it’s much softer and more form-fitting than a standard t-shirt.

Check em out:


Mutilation Rites – Bone Church t-shirt. Available S-XXL – $14.00


Mutilation Rites – Skulls & Daggers t-shirt. Available S-XXL – $14.00


Loss – Cut Up t-shirt. Available S-XXL – $14.00


Loss – Despond t-shirt. Available S-XXL – $14.00




Behexen – Nightside Emanations LP – $19.00

Kowloon Walled City/Thou – Hell Comes Home split 7″ – $9.00

Occultation – Three and Seven LP – $14.00

Profetus – To Open the Passages in Dusk 2LP – $23.00


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