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Mutilation Rites European tour dates

My pals in Mutilation Rites are on the road now in Europe. Get to these shows!


Mutilation Rites Euro tour poster

Gilead Fest 2014 Photos: Mutilation Rites

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I intended to go easy on the releases for 2014, with the Gilead Fest and all coming up in July. Turns out I’ve packed the release schedule, which should be a surprise to know one that works me regularly. Over-commitment, something I love apparently. I’ll need to do some re-organizing at Gilead HQ to make some room on the shelves for these records. There are a ton of releases listed here I haven’t even made mention of yet, and a couple yet that need to be confirmed. 2014 will rule, look forward to these albums, everything coming out in 2014 after Thou’s Heathen and Geryon’s 12″ debut.

GLM016 – Thou – Tyrant 2LP – Their first full-length, finally released as a 2LP. Contains the Tyrant LP + Retaliation 12″, just liked the CD. Coming mid 2014.

RELIC36 – Thou – Peasant CD (re-mastered re-issue) – Their second full-length album. Re-mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording. Updated art and packaging. Coming mid 2014.

ELD040 – Mutilation Rites – I Am Legion 12″ repress – Grey vinyl. Coming February 2014.

RELIC41 – Mutilation Rites – Empyrean LP repress – Clear vinyl. Coming February 2014.

RELIC54 – Barghest – The Virtuous Purge LP – A full-length of new songs. Coming early 2014.

RELIC55 – Loss/Graves at Sea split CD/LP – A split of total doom. New songs from each band. Size of thevinyl to be determined. CD will be very limited. Recording nearly complete.

RELIC56 – Bastard Sapling – Instinct is Forever LP – One of two new albums Bastard Sapling will release in 2014. More details on everything soon.

RELIC57 – Alraune – TBA LP – The debut LP from this incredibly visceral Nashville black metal band. Their demo was one of the 50 best metal releases of the year over at Steel for Brains.

RELIC58 – False – TBA 2LP – Writing is nearly complete for their full-length. Recording in January, to be released mid 2014.

RELIC59 – Lychgate – TBA LP – Their follow up full-length of all brand new material. Recording April 2014.

RELIC60 – Thou – Collection 2CD – Still happening, as soon as we have time to make it so. A collection of the out of print EP + split material, pre-Summit.


Tour schedules are slowing down a bit for the year, but Thou & Barghest are heading to Texas next weekend and there are other great shows in band’s home towns.


11/22/13 – Austin, TX – House of Commons

11/23/13 – Emory, TX – No Thanks Fest

11/24/13 – Baton Rouge, LA – House Show


11/18/13 – Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights – w/Morbid Angel

12/28/13 – Minneapolis, MN – Hexagon

01/18/14 – Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock


11/29/13 – Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus – w/Dysrhythmia, Zevious

Mutilation Rites

12/07/13 – Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus – w/Revenge


11/29/13 – Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club – w/Corrections House


11/22/13 – Austin, TX – House of Commons

11/23/13 – Emory, TX – No Thanks Fest

11/24/13 – Baton Rouge, LA – House Show


Just get to these shows, do it.


Tuesday October 15 – primitive man, unstitched Slaves BC, pittsburg @ gooskis

Wednesday October 16 –  Milwaukee, @ Quarters, Subjug and Population Control

Thursday October 17 – Appleton @ Maritime

Friday October 18 – Chitown Futbol (DIY venue) – w/ Moral Void

Saturday October 19 – Madison, WI @ The Vault

Sunday October 20 – Indianapolis @ The Piss Haus w/The is the Enemy, Wounded Knee, and Casque

Monday October 21 – Cincy @ Babe Haus w/ Rectal Hygienics, Forced Opinion

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