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I spent January 5th-8th down in New Orleans hanging out with Thou while they finished up tracking for their new full-length album, Heathen.

It was great to get out of Wisconsin for a bit–particularly after 14 inches of snow in the last month and a half–and spend some time in a drastically different environment. Especially watching things come together on the new Thou record. Many thanks to the guys for hosting me while I was down there. Always a pleasure to spend some time with my favorite Louisiana kids.

Recording took place at The Living Room Studio in Algiers, LA, engineered by James Whitten. Heathen should be released on CD by Gilead Media in June, after James completes mixing and Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording gives it the ol’ mastering treatment. Vinyl should be ready around the same time, but we haven’t ironed out if the band will be releasing it themselves or not. I need to keep hammering away at Bryan to let me take care of it.

I took some photos while I was down there. Here are a few of them. Whenever I travel I rarely take photos, which is a critical error since I have an awful memory. When I do take photos, it’s always random stuff like this. Not what you’re hoping to see, I’m certain, but stuff that interested me while away.


Hey, I took a sunrise photo with my phone. That’s new, right?


First layover. Houston airport. This place was an utter disaster area.


Arrival in Louisiana. I had no idea Shoney’s was still a thing. They’re everywhere down here.


Straight to the studio. Live room at The Living Room in Algiers, LA.


Coffee table area connected to the live room.


Stuff in the control room. I have no idea what it does. I’m assuming make things sound good. I like the lights.


Library in the control room at The Living Room. Beautiful design in this place.


Masking tape tracking guide at The Living Room.


Bryan and Josh going over things with James in the control room.


Andy tracking overdubs and summoning grimness in the control room at The Living Room.


In the garage area at The Living Room. I know what this is, but I don’t know what’s going on.


Street sign at the Iron Rail collective, New Orleans, LA. Ironrail.org


Records at the Iron Rail collective in New Orleans.


In a small courtyard just outside the back entrance to the Iron Rail.


Hey, look. It’s a bike outside a house show.


Hanging out with Josh and Leonela in Baton Rouge the night before I leave. Playing Left 4 Dead 2 and taking it easy. They deserve ultimate thanks for picking my sorry character up off the ground while I fail miserably at aiming with xbox controller joysticks. I’ll never be good at console gaming, but it sure was fun.


Many thanks to MSY airport for the ledges in their bathroom stalls. For being the only airport to realize people don’t want to put their baggage on the bathroom floor.