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There were a great deal of components for the Fell Voices Untitled LP I released alongside Howling Mine this March. I documented the creation of a few of these components. Here some of them are with a bunch of words as accompaniment.

All the goods have arrived! (Except for the posters at the point this photo was taken, pictured separately below).

The poster, 24″x36″ on a lightweight 40lb text. Near newsprint weight:

The band came up with a great image for the patch. I had a few issues getting some of the fine detail to burn the way I wanted it to, but ultimately the patches turned out really nice.

The screen used:

Uncut sheets:

My wife assisting with patch cutting, a great help, indeed!:

I had printed all of the inserts included with the LP. We had some scrap paper around the shop that was the perfect size, very excited to save some money there. Here is the board we use for larger format paper printing:

And a video of me printing the paper inserts that included all of the recording and label information:

Cruddy detail photo of the black on black inserts. The bands got the majority of these, and I had a few that went out with mailorder. I think overall there were less than 100 total with black on black inserts:

A slightly better detail of the standard black on white inserts:

And then the epic task of hand cutting all of the insert sheets:

Once everything is all set to go, my go-to man, Dale, stops by to help assemble. We actually assembled these the morning of the day I drove to Milwaukee to then assemble the NORTHLESS 2LPs with the band and Halo of Flies. So much assembly! For these Fell Voices LPs, though, Dale brought the movie, I jammed the espresso, we kicked em out. A fun morning with a great friend and a great batch of records:

The tongue helps with assembly.

Thursday Night – Three hours of sleep

Thursday Night – Three hours of sleep

Thursday was a pretty long day at Gilead HQ.
For a few hours myself and friend Dale assembled the “Thrive & Decay” 7″s (available for order now: http://gileadmedia.net/store/product_info.php?products_id=80) – we’re about half way done on those, looking to finish the rest up on Tuesday perhaps? All copies have shipped to the bands and to my retail distributor, the Independent Label Collective, all mailorder will be shipped by Wednesday this week! If you work at a store or want to buy your copy from a store it will be available as an October 13th release through the Indie Label Collective.
After that I was up all night cutting posters for the “Retaliation of the Immutable Force of Nature” 12″. The final pressing arrived a week and a half ago and I just have not had time to cut the paper and screen print them. So, from about 11-2 I spent some time with netflix, the roll
of butcher paper I’m using for the posters, and my fancy new cutting mat, and went to town cutting up those posters.
After that It was time for a break, busted out a vegan boca burger and some french fries, a great meal. I like Ketchup!
Post-meal consisted of a whole lot of fabric measuring and cutting for the “Human Annihilation” patches, and then cutting out button images for the 5000 piece rush button order we have to finish. Fun times all around, sleep is for the weak!
Thou/Black September Poster printing fiesta

Thou/Black September Poster printing fiesta

About two hours of work to print 340 sheets, 1020 posters, for the Thou/Black September split 7″. Printing went surprisingly well, almost every sheet turned out great. I will be posting these for orders later today.
Pictured below is a photo of one of the rooms I used for drying (and part of a second room). It was quite a sight to see three large rooms with these covering the floor. When I print the Thou/Haarp split posters later this week I’ll post more extensive photos. That will be a print run of 1000. Fun times, sore thumb & triceps. Anyone want to make a buck helping out?

Zombunny tshirts are here!

Zombunny tshirts are here!

First off, thank you to all those that have ordered the Zombunny t-shirts thus far! If you were one of those individuals then your order has shipped and should be coming through soon!

The men’s shirts are printed on Organic American Apparel Natural colored tees with water-based brown ink for maximum possible earth friendliness!

The women’s tees are printed on standard American Apparel women’s cut natural colored shirts, also with water-based ink!

Not only is water-based great for the environment, but it gives the print on the shirt a very soft touch. Actually, you can’t feel it at all. Very classy!

Finally, the best part about these is I printed them all myself, so each one has a little extra love in the print!

You can order one now for just $10 on the men’s tee and $12 on the women’s tee. You are not going to beat that price for made in the usa shirts printed with water-based inks!