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Pre-orders: Anicon “Exegeses” LP and Thou “Peasant” CD re-issue

Pre-orders: Anicon “Exegeses” LP and Thou “Peasant” CD re-issue

At long last we have two new Gilead Media releases available for pre-order. One new album from Anicon, and one Thou reissue that has been a long time coming. Remember, Eroding Winds is the official source for all Gilead Media mailorder, so this is the place to lay claim to a copy of each for your collection.

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Pre-order now: HERE

Listen to the stream of ‘Toil & Mockery’ now at Metal Injection, HERE

Listen to the stream of ‘In Shadow And Amber’ now at Invisible Oranges, HERE

“A masterpiece of modern usbm that not only displays anicon’s full potential, but black metal’s as well.” – Decibel Magazine 8/10 review

“The players’ fervor, their fury; you can hear it in each member’s performance. Every ounce of “Amber” conveys what the rest is getting at. And true, bits of it are abstract, complex, insert your word here. The music, the whole, that feeling though, interprets it better than words or images.” – Stereogum

““Exegeses” already is on the short list of the best music put out so far in this middle-aged 2016, and it’s easily one of the most satisfying black metal records that have crawled out of any land during that time” – Meat Mead Metal (chosen as Pick Of The Week”

This summer we welcome another project that has long been on our radar, Brooklyn black metal band Anicon. Although we already considered them to be sort of extended family (drummer Lev Weinstein is a part of Krallice while bassist Alexander DeMaria performs as part of the Yellow Eyes live lineup) we are none-the-less quite pleased to welcome Anicon as a proper part of the label family as they join us to present their first full-length album, Exegeses.

Founding members Nolan Voss and Owen Rundquist began writing material together for this project in 2010, at that time planning to name their first EP Anicon while the project itself would remain nameless, allowing the EP to stand as a singular expression. Quickly the project developed into a full band that began writing more material, so the Anicon name would be repurposed.

Exegeses is the result of constant writing over the course of two years. And although other material was written and recorded through this time, the pieces chosen for the album were selected to work together as a single statement, similar to the original EP but in a significantly more developed fashion. The works on Exegeses represent what is very much a new stage for Anicon. Though they are thoroughly rooted in the US black metal sound, their style reaches further into the realm of the more technical. Favoring elaborately composed pieces that still retain every bit of fury and visceral energy that black metal is fundamentally founded upon.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth in November 2015. It will be presented as a gatefold LP with stunning photography by Kari Greer. A digital download code will be included. The vinyl has an expected release date of July 2016, while a CD edition will be released simultaneously in Europe via Avantgarde Music. All LPs on black vinyl.

Pre-order now: HERE

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THOU – PEASANT CD (re-mastered / re-issue)

Pre-order now: HERE

The second full-length album from Thou, finally re-mastered and re-issued after 5 years out of print. This reissue has been meticulously reconstructed, with new and expanded artwork, and packaged in a thick gatefold jacket in the same style as all other Thou full-length CDs released by Gilead Media.

Originally released by Autopsy Kitchen records in 2008, this sophomore full-length is a distinct stage in Thou’s discography that bridges the creative gap between their debut, Tyrant, and heavily-praised third full-length, Summit.

Recorded and mixed in 2007 by Brennan Moss and Michael Talley. Painstakingly re-mastered in 2014 by Adam Tucker.

Pre-order now: HERE

The body + Thou West Coast Tour

The body + Thou West Coast Tour



The body and Thou are on the road now with their friends in Heat Dust. If you’re on the west coast you should be sure to get out to these shows.


10.19.15 – Reno at Holland (140 Vesta Street) at eight pm with Heat Dust and Dissidence
10.19.15 – Chico (LATE NIGHT SHOW, solo set, NO BODY) with Heat Dust
10.20.15 – Portland at Blackwater (835 NE Broadway Street) with Heat Dust
10.21.15 – Bellevue (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) at The Program (15228 Lake Hills Blvd) at six pm with Heat Dust and Vacant Life
10.21.15 – Seattle with Heat Dust, Negative Standards, and Dreamdecay
10.22.15 – Seattle (MATINEE) at KEXP at four pm with Heat Dust
10.22.15 – Olympia at Palace Stump House (2639 28th Street NW) at eight pm with Heat Dust, Gag, and Eos
10.23.15 – Portland (MATINEE, solo sets) at Anarres at one pm with Heat Dust and Hreinn
10.23.15 – Salem at Wisp House (805 Church Street) with Heat Dust and Blood Incantation
10.24.15 – Ashland (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) at Club 66 (1951 Ashland Street) at noon with Heat Dust, Hermits, and Claire Burgess
10.24.15 – Eureka at the Vet’s Hall (1018 H Street) at seven pm with Heat Dust
10.25.15 – Santa Rosa (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) with Heat Dust
10.25.15 – Berkeley (SOLO Thou and The Body sets, no collabo) at 924 Gilman Street with Heat Dust and Ragana
10.26.15 – Santa Cruz (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) with Heat Dust and Leucrota
10.26.15 – Oakland at the Metro (630 3rd Street) at eight pm with Heat Dust, No Statik, and SBSM
10.27.15 – Oakland (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) at 1234Go! Records (420 40th Street #5) at two pm with Heat Dust
10.27.15 – Sacramento at The Colony (3512 Stockton Blvd) at eight pm with Heat Dust, Gehenna, and Theories
10.28.15 – San Luis Obispo at Grange Hall (2880 Broad Street) at six  pm with Heat Dust, Hollow Sunshine, and Leucrota
10.29.15 – Santa Barbara at The Hard to Find (7190 Hollister Avenue) at eight pm with Heat Dust, Uranium Orchard, and Drool
10.30.15 – San Diego at The Stronghold (5335 Market Street) at eight pm with Catharsis, Heat Dust, Trash Axis, and Age of Collapse
10.31.15 – Silver Lake at Los Globos (3040 Sunset Blvd) at five pm with Catharsis, Heat Dust, Full of Hell, Gehenna, and Theories
11.01.15 – Orange County at the Observatory Theater at Day of the Shred Fest
11.01.15 – Los Angeles at The Smell (247 South Main Street) with Catharsis and Heat Dust

Pre-Orders: Kowloon Walled City / Dead To A Dying World / Thou

Pre-Orders: Kowloon Walled City / Dead To A Dying World / Thou

Available now for pre order:

Dead To A Dying World – Litany CD / 2LP
Order: http://www.erodingwinds.com/product/dead-to-a-dying-world-litany-cd2lp/
Hear a new song at Decibel Magazine: http://decibelmagazine.com/blog/2015/9/3/fertility-clinic-dead-to-a-dying-world-wreaks-havoc-beneath-the-loam

Kowloon Walled City – Grievances LP
Order: http://www.erodingwinds.com/product/kowloon-walled-city-grievances-lp/
Hear a new song at NPR: http://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2015/09/03/436946687/vikings-choice-kowloon-walled-city-backlit

Thou – Ceremonies Of Humiliation 2CD
Order: http://www.erodingwinds.com/product/thou-ceremonies-of-humiliation-2cd/

Tour Dates (Barghest, False, Fórn, Northless, Thou)

Tour Dates (Barghest, False, Fórn, Northless, Thou)

So many shows this summer! Lots of folks are hitting the road. False is jamming out for 30+ shows in a month, encircling the entire US. Thou will join them for a portion of those dates. Barghest are leaving the swamp to head North for a bit, all the way to Canada, and also have a new song up on their Bandcamp page. And Northless will join up with Primitive Man to bring sonic destruction to much of the West Coast.

Barghest tour dates + new track

Listen to the new Barghest song here: https://barghestsoulless.bandcamp.com/track/application-of-malthusian-principle
7/23 – New Orleans, LA @ Sisters In Christ
7/24 – Atlanta, GA @ The Drunken Unicorn
7/25 – Asheville, NC @ The Odditorium
7/26 – Washington DC @ The Pinch
7/27 – Allentown, PA @ Good Weeknd
7/28 – New York, NY @ The Acheron
7/29 – Somerville, MA @ PA’s Lounge
7/31 – Montreal, QC Canada (RRROOOAAARRR Fest) @ La Sala Rossa
8/2 – Toronto, ON Canada Coalition: T.O
8/3 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The New Church
8/4 – Chicago, IL @ LiveWire Lounge Chicago
8/5 – Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer Lounge

False tour dates

7/7 – Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
7/8 – Billings, MT @ Black Sparrow Tattoo Club
7/9 – Spokane, WA @ TBA
7/10 – Seattle, WA @ Highline
7/11 – Vancouver, BC @ Fastcore Fest
7/12 – Portland, OR @ Highwater Mark
7/13 – Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp
7/14 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro Operahouse
7/15 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Blue Lagoon
7/16 – Los Angeles, CA @ Complex
7/17 – Phoenix, AZ @ 51 West
7/18 – El Paso, TX @ The Sandbox
7/19 – San Antonio, TX @ Korova
7/20 – Austin, TX @ Red Eyed Fly
7/21 – Dallas, TX @ Three Links
7/22 – Houston, TX @ Black Barbie
7/23 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa
7/24 – Tallahassee, FL @ All Saints Cafe
7/25 – St. Petersburg, FL @ The 9 10
7/26 – Gainesville, FL @ (A) Space
7/27 – Nashville, TN @ TBA w/ THOU, Noisem, Alraune, Unsacred
7/28 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project w/ THOU
7/29 – Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee’s w/ THOU
7/30 – Montreal, QC @ Rrroooaaarrr Festival w/ THOU
7/31 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ THOU
8/1 – Brooklyn, NY @ ABC No RIO w/ THOU (Matinee)
8/1 – New Brunswick, NJ @ TBA (Late show)
8/2 – Baltimore, MD @ 5th Dimension
8/3 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wolf Cycles
8/4 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project
8/5 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Drinkery
8/6 – Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary
8/7 – Chicago, IL @ The 2040
8/8 – Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters

Fórn tour dates

8/21 – Boston @ O’Brien’s
8/22 – Brooklyn @ The Acheron
8/23 – Philadelphia @ Kung Fu Necktie
8/24 – Baltimore @ The Sidebar

Northless tour dates (w/Primitive Man)

8/08 Denver, CO Mutiny Information Cafe (no Primitive Man)
8/09 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad
8/10 Tucson, AZ Fly Catcher
8/11 Tijuana, MX Mods Bar & Venue
8/12 Los Angeles, CA 5 Star Bar
8/13 San Francisco, CA Hemlock Tavern
8/14-15 Oakland, CA Deadfest 2015
8/16 Sacramento, CA Starlite
8/17 Chico, CA 1078 Gallery
8/18 Portland, OR Rotture
8/19 Olympia, WA Obsidian
8/20 Seattle, WA Highline
8/21 Billings, MT Black Sparrow Tattoo
8/22 Laramie, WY Baby Hospice

Thou tour dates

7/26 – New Orleans at Sisters in Christ with The Cloth and Baby Boy
7/27 – Nashville with False
7/28 – Pittsburgh at Roboto Project with False
7/29 – Toronto with False, Bastard Noise, and Pig Heart Transplant
7/30 – Montreal La Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent Blvd.) at Rrroooaaarrr Fest with False
7/31 – New York with False
8/01 – New York (matinee) at ABC No Rio with False
8/01 – DC at In It Together Fest with Full of Hell
8/02 – Verona (matinee) at Art and Soul Tattoos (334 Lee Highway 24482)
8/02 – Knoxville @ TBA