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Kowloon Walled City to embark on first European tour

kowloon euro
Euro folks, you’ll finally get to see KOWLOON WALLED CITY. Take it from me, DO NOT miss them. From the ol’ press release:
San Francisco’s Kowloon Walled City, radical reworkers of sludge and post-hardcore, are heading out on the European highway for the very first time this August, and will be supporting atmospheric metal masters Minsk. They shall stop off at Migration Fest in Olympia, Washington, before heading to Europe for three weeks, including a performance at Porto’s esteemed Amplifest. This is an excellent chance to witness a band who over the last decade have refined their sound to a powerful zenith. Last year’s Grievances LP, released in October via Neurot Recordings, was their furthest departure from their more direct origins, honing in on sparse and more melancholic detuned heaviness.
  Vocalist/guitarist Scott Evans, together with guitarist Jon Howell, bassist Ian Miller, and drummer Jeff Fagundes spent over two years working on the seven songs for Grievances. The intense editing process weeded out about two albums’ worth of songs. Howell’s unusual chord changes and discordant aesthetic channel Unwound and Slint. Miller’s gritty bass adds a surprising layer of depth and melody, while Fagundes’ drums resonate in what sounds like an impossibly large room. Evans’ shouted vocals are raw with frustration and disappointment, but without the typical veneer of macho aggression.
  You can stream all of Grievances at their bandcamp, and view all dates announced so far below:

Fórn & Yellow Eyes tour to Migration Fest 2016

Not only do I finally get to see Fórn and Yellow Eyes, but I’ll get to see them twice.  They’re playing a series of shows on the way to Migration Fest from their homes on the East Coast. Get out to these if you can. Especially that Chicago show, say hi to me.


False summer tour dates



False will be hitting the road next month for a two week summer tour. This will be their only tour of the year, as their Migration Fest performance will be an exclusive fly-in.

June 1st – Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
June 2nd – Omaha, NE – Milk Run
June 3rd – Columbia, MO – PDM
June 4th – St. Louis, MO – Saint Liborious
June 5th – Cincinnati, OH – Yacht Club
June 6th – Pittsburgh, PA – Roboto Project
June 7th – Baltimore, MD – Jane’s
June 8th – Providence, RI – Dusk
June 9th – Boston, MA – The Nonfactory
June 10th – Brooklyn, NY – The Acheron
June 11th – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
June 12th – Columbus, OH – The Summit
June 13th – Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary
June 14th – Chicago, IL – Underground Lounge

Dead To A Dying World European Tour Dates

We’ve already made mention of Dead To A Dying World heading over to Europe for Roadburn 2016, but they’re also going to embark on a Euro tour around that time. Check out the dates + trailer below:

08.04.16 Germany – Hannover – LKA
09.04.16 Germany – Berlin – Köpi
10.04.16 Poland – Zduńska Wola – Variete
11.04.16 Czech Republik – Brno – Bajkazyl
12.04.16 Austria – Wien – Venster99
13.04.16 Austria – Linz – Kapu
14.04.16 Germany – München – Feierwerk
15.04.16 Germany – Leipzig – Doom Over Leipzig Festival
16.04.16 Netherlands – Tillburg – Roadburn Festival
17.04.16 Belgium – Antwerp – Music City
18.04.16 Germany – Mülheim an der Ruhr – Autonomes Zentrum
19.04.16 France – Strasbourg – TBA
20.04.16 Switzerland – Bremgarten – Kuzeb
21.04.16 France – Besançon – TBA
22.04.16 Germany – Freiburg – KTS
23.04.16 Germany – Mainz – Haus Mainusch

Kowloon Walled City tour dates

kwc fight amp

Kowloon Walled City are hitting the road with Fight Amp for some shows up and down the West Coast. Attendance is mandatory!

Tue 11/3 – Olympia, WA – Obsidian (w/Soggy Creep)

Wed 11/4 – Bellingham, WA – The Shakedown

Thu 11/5 – Seattle, WA – Highline (w/Mercy Ties, Glose)

Fri 11/6 – Portland, OR – Black Water (w/Sloths, Hang the Old Year)

Sat 11/7 – Oakland, CA – Golden Bull (Grievances record release)
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