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Many have been wondering, and the time has finally come to bust out pre-orders on the new Barghest LP! This is the same recording that was released on cassette by Big Mountain tapes earlier this year, although this has been remastered. Official blurbage and some info on the Gilead Media tower shirts below!

I. Barghest 180g LP preorders!
II. Gilead Media TOWER logo shirts & hoodies

Barghest are a black metal band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This great southern state is known for having a rich culture, and in terms of music culture it’s most often known for the southern riffage or sludging doom. Barghest are a wake up call to that way of thinking, and to the state of American black metal in general. Their songs are abrasive and scathing, there’s nothing intended to be arty or moody about this record. Just 100% misanthropic black metal, anti-human, anti-life. Every order will ship with a 3″x5″ patch and 1″ metallic button. You also have the option to order with a t-shirt. All shirts are printed on Anvil Ringspun garments, 100% cotton, fashion fit, sweatshop free. Black ink on “smoke” colored garment. All pre-orders ship by 6/30/2011. $11.50 for the LP alone, or $21.00 for the LP+shirt combo!

Hey, it’s cover art!

Hey, it’s the shirt you can order with the LP!

Hey, it’s the link you can use to pre-order this beastly LP!

I’ve wanted to print these babies for a while now, and they’re finally here! Featuring the TOWER logo that I created with my own two hands, and then printed with my own two hands. The shirts are printed on 100% cotton Anvil ringspun garments (fashion fit style) and the hoodies are printed on Anvil sustainable garments. These fit a bit more snug than the standard garbage bag hoodie, and there are no batwings, which I’m super happy about. I love these snug, warm buddies. Sweatshop free! Choose from black w/cool grey print or chocolate brown w/caramel brown print on either.

Sizes are more limited on the hoods, I only printed a few since it’s out of season in the northern hemisphere. That also means I’m counting on you Australian and New Zealand kids to order some of these!! It’s cold there, right?!

Put your eyeballs on them below, then put your finger on this link and buy em right up!

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