Hey, it finally happened. Running my own record shop has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager. When Eroding Winds moved into this space back in April as an office and warehouse for the online store, it was always with the idea that a retail shop was a possibility for the future. So on Labor Day weekend, we opened up the Eroding Winds record shop. A boutique shop focused on curating a collection of quality vinyl, new and used, across a variety of genres.

Opening weekend was totally nuts, and Nate Burns was here with original artwork on display alongside some of his prints, seeing as the first Saturday of each month is the downtown Oshkosh Gallery Walk, it seemed fitting to invite him for the opening.

Endless gratitude to all those that have supported the shop thus far, either online or by stopping by the retail shop. Life has been much more tolerable lately thanks to the support Eroding Winds and Gilead Media receive.

Everything has been a blur since then, hence a somewhat silent period on our behalf. Here are some photos from store preparation:

With the help of my partner Cari, and a group of kind friends, we built all of the LP bins for the shop ourselves using a nice, simple build plan online. Each bin cuts from one 4×8 piece of plywood.
Instead of getting custom printed bags, we got this nice big stamp and printed the bags ourselves. I really dig the way they turned out. Right: Cari, John, and Mary after a long day of staining, finishing, painting.
It was coming down to the wire and I still didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do for the front counter. Then I stumbled across this thing listed for sale online. It was a couple hour drive to pick it up with my buddy Mark’s truck, but it fit the space perfectly and cut out a lot of work building my own.
All set up. Just over a month since opening and we’re already working on plans for re-organizing, and I’ve begun building another seven record bins. Things are growing crazy fast, and the used vinyl has been a huge part of the growth around here. We’ve had some rad collections come in, and a lot of regular customers already that love digging through the used new arrivals. We’re looking forward to getting some more art on the walls, and some cool custom vinyl from our friends at Wax Mage.


If you’re in the area or passing through, swing on by the shop. Anything you see in the Eroding Winds online store is available here, alongside a ton of other records that are in store only, titles that wouldn’t fit into the curated online store. As of now the used vinyl will not be listed for sale online. In store only!

We are located at 605 S. Main St, Oshkosh, WI 54902. Open 11-7 Tuesday through Friday, 12-6 Saturday, and 12-4 Sunday.

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