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The time has finally come to reveal details on the previously announced Fell Voices full-length album, to be released by Gilead Media

Regnum Saturni will be presented as a gatefold 2LP w/laser etched d-side. The gatefold jacket will feature a silver foil stamped cover on heavy-duty old style tip-on jackets. This full-length will stand as the first Fell Voices album with a title assigned by the band.

Fell Voices have long been known as a group of individuals that create an intensely unique live atmosphere. As a trio they have the fullness and power of a much larger band, and to see them live is truly something to behold. On Regnum Saturni–which was recorded live–they have captured that density, bringing more of the live experience to their recorded material than ever before. Not only was this feeling captured in the recording, but the songs themselves have been crafted with greater power. Everything on the new album is evidence of Fell Voices taking the energy of their songs to the next level.

Regnum Saturni runs roughly 60 minutes in length and will be released to coincide with Fell Voices’ European tour alongside Ash Borer in March/April 2013. 1000 copies pressed, including a limited tour edition only available in Europe. Ordering information will be announced soon at

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