New logo by AARON HORKEY, shirts and hoodies available now:

New logo by AARON HORKEY, shirts and hoodies available now:


I am quite pleased to finally unleash the new Gilead Media logo imagery, illustrated by the unparalleled Aaron Horkey.

When Gilead Media began in 2005, its purpose was to fulfill my own personal creative outlets and my desires to work with other like-minded artists. My motivations to be a part of art’s creation were influenced by many external factors in my life, and many inspirational pieces of art to which I felt a strong personal connection.

The old Gilead Media logo was representative of that original idea of the label, and over the years I feel as though Gilead Media has grown and evolved into something far greater than I ever intended. It has its own power now, it draws others into its light. It’s an entirely different creature.

Horkey’s art captures this emotion perfectly, and will server as a fitting image to represent the label for the next decade.

We have also printed up a series of t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts featuring this new imagery. The first run sold out in a day or so, but we have more arriving this week, so we’re taking orders now for that second run. Available on your choice of Gildan t-shirt, Next Level Apparel t-shirt, or Royal Apparel zip-up hooded sweatshirt garments. All three printed with light grey, water-based discharge ink.






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