Two new pre-orders launching today here at Gilead Media. These are two records I’ve been listening to constantly for the past couple months, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Quick note, you can order these two items together as part of a package deal HERE and save $3 on your order! Both are available online now at the Gilead Media online store. Check both item pages for streaming audio. For Indricothere we have the entire album streaming, for Northless we just posted a single brand new track from the album, “Kuru.” More words:


Indricothere rises from a presumed extinction to unleash the incredible new album, II.

Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Behold the Arctopus, Dysrhythmia) founded Indricothere before joining any of the groups which would bring him his notoriety in the world-wide metal scene. Despite pre-dating most of his other recorded output, Indricothere did not see wide release until The Sacrosanct Opuscule and Gilead Media came along to present the album on CD in 2007 and LP in 2008, respectively.

It was assumed that Indricothere was a relic of the past, a project that would never again bring us a new album. I’m happy to say that those assumptions were false. II has appeared, and it’s as though barely any time has passed since Indricothere’s self-titled debut. The new songs are immediately feel familiar, but with a fresh perspective and updated sound.

Performing all guitars (yes, the Warr guitar has returned) and programming all drums himself, Colin’s work on Indricothere strikes a perfect balance in instrumental metal. Intricate without becoming unraveled or losing its way, intense while retaining its unique melody. Vocals are not once missed, and the meticulously programmed and mixed drums elevate the songs in a way I’ve never heard before. This is a technical record crafted by a master of instrumentation, a dense metal album filled w/immense riffs that keep your head nodding throughout.

Gilead Media is proud to be once again be work with Colin to unleash an album from this colossal project. II is presented on 180g black vinyl in a thick jacket (24 pt stock) w/poly-lined black inner sleeves + download code. There is also an option to order the vinyl alongside an exclusive pre-order only t-shirt. These are printed on Canvas brand black or asphalt t-shirts w/conventional plastisol ink. These Canvas shirts are lightweight, soft, and slim fitting. Please order accordingly. Hear the entire album streaming and order online now: Gilead Media online store.


Gilead Media & Halo of Flies are proud to jointly present the new Northless album, World Keeps Sinking. Available for pre-order now.

Northless is a response to the erosion of the future. Drawing inspiration from numerous entities throughout the realm of dark & heavy sound, the members of this group have combined their own influences and personally diverse musical backgrounds into a concoction of progressive, dooming sludge metal. Great, shuddering washes of sound and texture. Pummeling rhythms. Sonic intensity.

In 2013, Northless will release what promises to be their most dense, heart wrenching album yet. World Keeps Sinking showcases the crippling heaviness that has become Northless’ trademark, but also expands on that aesthetic in a considerable manner. Each song boasts a new sense of melody and compositional precision that surpasses all prior Northless material, but without ever sacrificing the untamed aggression that gives them their signature sound. World Keeps Sinking comes from another place entirely. It comes from the Abyss, and it has come to show you the depths of humanity… to drag you down.

Listen to a brand new song, “Kuru,” at the Gilead, Halo of Flies, or Northless bandcamp pages.

Order online from either Gilead Media or Halo of Flies.

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