Krallice – Years Past Matter gatefold 2LP, Inter Arma – Destroyer CDEP available for pre-order.

Everyone, fans and band members, have shown great patience with me while I prepared these two releases. I’m very grateful for that. There is nothing worse than rushing a release, because, despite one’s best efforts during the process, something always ends up going awry when in a hurry. There is certainly a large amount of truth in the old adage about haste and waste.

If you want to skip the lengthy blurbs I’ve written and pick up these new records with their exclusive t-shirts, go here now: Otherwise, here are some words and photographs that I hope entice you into picking up some new music in this time when so many of us probably a bit short on cash. I surely realize it must seem like poor planning on my behalf when pre-orders launch the week preceding the largest holiday of the year, but these things happen as they do. The records are underway now, no reason to sit on that until January. I’ve never been big on holidays anyhow.

I’ll be taking orders for both, and their shirt options, a couple weeks into the new year. So no worries about missing out if you don’t order before the end of 2012.



Years Past Matter is presented as a gatefold 2LP on black vinyl with black paper inner sleeves. Jackets are Stoughton tip-on style and the album includes a 10″x10″ double sided insert with song titles and full lyrics, unlike the CD version. There is also a digital download code included with every copy. Each order ships with a 1″ button. Available with this pre-order is the option to order a new, exclusive Krallice t-shirt design, pictured below. T-shirts are printed on 100% ring spun cotton Canvas  brand black shirts w/light grey plastisol ink.

Krallice are a machine. With humble beginnings and goals, they quickly evolved into a keystone of the US black metal scene. Many will argue the genre tag, if it’s applicable to the band, if they’re truly black metal. While anyone can clearly see that Krallice are by no means a typical black metal band, it’s plain to me that they’re taking legendary genre influences and processing them through their own, unique filter with incredible results. Everyone in Krallice is at a brilliant technical musician, and their ability to write music that is hypnotic while remaining technical is something that continues to blow me away.

Now, four full length albums into their life as a band, Krallice’s sound continues to evolve. They continue to fine tune and hone their style. With each release I find myself believing that new record is as tight as they could be, that it is the definition of their sound as a band. With each new recording I’m proven so very wrong.

Years Past Matter strikes a different chord than Diotima did, and different even than the two first albums before that. Krallice seem to be aiming for a greater level of obscurity in their work, from production to lyrics and song titles, which have not been published prior to the release of this vinyl edition. Within the mix itself you can hear a stark difference from past albums, a move towards greater cohesiveness in their sound. This is particularly apparent in the vocals, which appear to be lower in the mix, helping to drive home the aforementioned hypnotic feel. And although Nick McMaster’s metal growls are still as prominent here as they were on Diotima, the music itself has less of the up front “metal” feel than it has in the past when Nick’s vocals were present alongside Mick Barr’s signature screams.

Krallice somehow continue to become more their own band without alienating their listeners. They’re not carving a new path for others to follow, they’re building a new realm of music where they themselves will dwell.

Years Past Matter pre-order shirt, available in Small-XXXL:




Packaged in a gatefold CD case w/full color disc face print. The first 500 copies of the CD version of Destroyer come with a 5″ x 7″ screen printed patch and 1.5″ button. Available with this pre-order is the option to order a new, exclusive Inter Arma t-shirt design, pictured below. T-shirts are printed on 100% ring spun cotton Canvas brand black shirts w/white plastisol ink. Shirt artwork by Reuben Sawyer/Rainbath Visual.

If there’s one thing I can count on, without fail, it is that any record Andy Low emails me about is worth a serious listen. In 2008 it was Thou that Andy turned me on to, now in 2012 he has opened my eyes to Richmond, VA’s INTER ARMA.

Inter Arma were a band whose name I had seen around for the last couple years, with releases on Forcefield and Mirror Universe, but had never actually gotten around to listening to. After that fateful email from a friend and a listen to their newer material, I knew I had to get in touch to see about working with them in any way possible.

That brings us to DESTROYER. Originally released as a 12″ by Toxic Assets records earlier in 2012–and available now on CD from Gilead Media–DESTROYER is a furious EP that showcases an astonishing new level in Inter Arma’s songwriting. This is not just the next step for them, but an evolutionary leap beyond their previous material. The record is surprisingly dynamic and their precision is impressive, particularly when considering the stylistic range they cover. Whether they’re expounding on some dark, creepy interlude, berating you with a relentless riff, or laying down a thoroughly awesome guitar solo, Inter Arma hit the mark like seasoned metal veterans. And the drums, my goodness, the drums! Heavy, complimentary rhythms, blackened blast, all is absolutely crushing. On DESTROYER every element comes together to form truly remarkable songs from a band that knows how to incorporate melody without dulling their abrasive sound.

Destroyer pre-order shirt, available in S-XXXL:



Not only are these two releases available to pre-order now, but you also have the option of order them together and saving a few dollars in a pre-order package deal. For more information, and to order online now, visit the Gilead Media online store:


That’s all this week. just a quick message to let you know about these two new records. I’ll be sending out another newsletter before the end of the year containing my year-end best of list, and a few lists submitted by Gilead Media related folks. Hoping to have a fun little bunch of your reading pleasure. Until next time, my friends.

-Adam/Gilead Media


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