The Indricothere – II LP and Northless – World Keeps Sinking 2LP are both almost ready to begin shipping. Both will be going out in orders as of 8/26. This means that both the Indricothere t-shirt option and the Indricothere + Northless package deal will be ending this Friday, 8/16. If you wanted to take advantage of either you better shoot over the store and do it ASAP! You’ll still be able to order the albums individually as normal, the package deals will just be unavailable. Order now:

In case you haven’t heard, there are two Northless tracks streaming online now, click the links to hear “Kuru” on the Gilead bandcamp and “Communion” exclusively at Invisible Oranges. You can also hear the entire Indricothere record in all of its majesty over at the Gilead store item listing, HERE.

I seriously have no idea how I’ve managed to release so many records this year, but it’s somehow working out alright and I haven’t broken the bank yet. Here are the details on everything else that is coming up before and after the Indricothere and Northless albums.

Fell Voices – Regnum Saturni 2LP

Vinyl = in house w/d-sides screen printed. Pre-order shirts = printed. Jackets = arriving Tuesday morning. The jackets were supposed to get here Friday so I could pack orders all weekend, but the freight company failed to pick up the pallets from the printer. Cool. Anyway, I have tracking info, I know they’re arriving Tuesday. I’ll be packing orders as fast as humanly possible once they’re in my hands. If you’re not on instagram or facebook or whatever, I posted a video that my pal Scott shot while I hand-printed some of the blank d-sides. It turned out cool. Go watch it:

Hexer – Hexer LP

Test pressings have been approved, jackets are completed and on the way here with the Fell Voices stock. I will NOT be taking pre-orders for the Hexer records, but instead be accepting orders when they arrive, right alongside the VHOL 2LPs. Stay tuned!

Vhol – Vhol 2LP

Pretty much the same status as the Hexer records. Test pressings approved, jackets arriving Tuesday. No pre-orders, just opening up orders as soon as vinyl is in house from the plant in September. But, there is a bit of good news for those lucky enough to catch Vhol on their upcoming Northwest tour, dates listed below. The band will have 40 test pressing copies of the s/t 2LP available for sale at their shows in the finished production jackets. Get stoked, pick one up, play it real loud.

Thou – Heathen CD

Yes, it is still coming. Everything has been tracked, nearing final mixes. I will not be announcing the release date until masters for both audio and art are on their way to production. Gilead will be handling the CD, the band will be self-releasing the vinyl (2LP) on their Howling Mine label. This will be worth your patience over the course of 2013, I assure you.

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