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Thanks to those that have posted photos of their Thou – Heathen CDs arriving in the mail, and tagged the label. It makes my heart sing to see the albums in their new homes after all this time, and treated with an affection most reserve only for vinyl. Thanks to everyone that has ordered, and thanks to Dale, John, and Scott for helping me get those out the door amidst stressful print work delays. The official street date is tomorrow. Hit your local record shop if they stock cool music and you haven’t ordered direct yet. Vinyl coming next month via Howling Mine. More details soon.
Here are some reviews that have come through in the last couple weeks for the new Thou album, dig in if you’re curious what others are saying:

Crave Online (Review – 10/10 – “In the end, Heathen leaves you breathless, stammering for a way to process everything you’ve just heard.”)

Stereogum (Review – “Heathen is a dark, bombastic, hugely ambitious album of great sorrow, but perhaps even greater beauty.”)

This Noise is Ours (Review – “Heathen is incredible.”)

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