Our pals in Buildings are on the road NOW with one of our old favorites, Big Business!

Catch them at these shows, and keep an eye out for a repress of their full-length coming along in a couple months here.

2/19 89th St. OKC – Oklahoma City, OK
2/20 Riot Room – Kansas City, KS (w/ Today is the Day and Bummer too!!)
2/21 Mercy Lounge – Nashville, TN
2/22 529 – Atlanta, GA (no BigBiz but w/ Atlas Moth)
2/23 Kings – Raleigh, NC
2/24 40 Watt – Athens, GA
2/25 The Abbey – Orlando, FL
2/26 Gramps – Miami, FL
2/27 Crowbar – Tampa, FL
3/1 One Eyed Jacks – New Orleans, LA
3/2 Barracuda – Austin, TX
3/3 Limelight – San Antonio, TX
3/4 Warehouse Live Studio – Houston, TX
3/5 Double Wide – Dallas, TX




THANK YOU to every one of you that made the first Gilead Media Subscription Club a success. Because of you we are going to keep it rolling in 2018. Registration is live now.

The release schedule for 2018 is shorter, so the subscriptions will come at a lower cost.

These releases will begin rolling out in March / April after we wrap up the 2017 sub club releases early in 2018. Dig in to the details:


Releases included in the 2018 subscription:
RELIC16 – Thou – Tyrant 180G 2LP reissue
RELIC31 – Thou – Summit 180G 2LP reissue
RELIC90 – Fórn – *** **** ** ***************** 2LP/CD
RELIC97 – Inexorum – Lore of the Lakes LP
RELIC98 – Pandiscordian Necrogenesis – Outer Supernal LP
RELIC100 – ********* TBA CD
RELIC101 – Krallice – Go Be Forgotten LP
RELIC103 – Mizmor – This Unabating Wakefulness 12-inch
RELIC106 – ********* TBA LP


*PLEASE NOTE: The Krallice – Go Be Forgotten LP was not originally going to be a part of the club, but we have decided to include it. If you pre-ordered the LP and plan to sign up for the club please let us know and we will get you a refund on your already-ordered LP, even if you ordered it from the band. Just email us directly and we will take care of you –


Subscriber perks:
– Subscribers will receive the most limited vinyl color or version of each Gilead Media release from the list of subscription titles above (if any limitations exist for that particular release)
– Each subscriber will receive an exclusive sub club embroidered patch
– Each subscriber will receive an exclusive sub club cork turntable slipmat
– Each subscriber will receive an exclusive sub club coffee mug
– Each subscriber will receive an exclusive sub club enamel or metal pin (style depends on final art)
– Each subscriber will receive a Gilead Media t-shirt
– 10% discount on all other Eroding Winds orders placed in 2018, no item exclusions but cannot be stacked with any other discount codes
– 1 Randomly-chosen subscriber will receive a free test pressing for each release


Critical info:
– Limited to 175 subscriptions for 2018
– Subscription sign-up only available until 1/31/18
– Shipping is included in the subscription fee for ALL subscribers, although please note that the fee for non-US subscribers is a higher rate.
US Resident subscriptions will be $195 and NON-US Resident subscriptions will be $235.


New pre-orders: Krallice (x2) // Eigenlicht // HELL

New pre-orders: Krallice (x2) // Eigenlicht // HELL

We have FOUR new releases available to pre-order now, all scheduled for completion from late February through late March…




Listen to “Labrys” at Invisible Oranges:

Pre-Order 2LP via Eroding Winds:

Pre-Order 2LP via Bandcamp:

Pre-Order CD via I, Voidhanger:

Gilead Media is proud to work alongside I, Voidhanger to present the long-awaited debut full-length from black metal project EIGENLICHT entitled SELF-ANNIHILATING CONSCIOUSNESS.

Since its inception in 2014, Eigenlicht has existed as an entity with reverence for the world both seen and unseen. Each member of the project has chosen a path dedicated to the study of either the natural world or the fundamental nature of knowledge and existence. Their music is built upon experiences of the past and a striving for knowledge to come. The band explains its origins thus:

“Eigenlicht arose from a failed pilgrimage, everything discarded and given to dissolution, no treasure to bring back and no nobility nor honor to salvage. But upon its opening that void immediately invited torrential winds, which assembled a collection of persons intimately bound by shared ideals and goals, at the opportune moment, in the nexus of our spiritual home in the valley of the Oracle. Thus a new direction was set and the process spontaneously fell into place. Each movement forward a self-overcoming, each a step toward inner nobility. Love and sentiment discarded into the crucible of roiling chaos. Seeking triumph even in failure, moving from impermanence to the eternal. Honoring loss as sacrifice, failure as wisdom; seeking a savage grace steeped in myth and a determination to ascend the slopes of sanguine gods.”

With its debut EP in 2015, Sacral Regicide, Eigenlicht began to draw the attention of many who hold an interest in underground U.S. black metal. This early impact was in some part due to the members’ previous work in Skagos, Fauna, Ekstasis, and other well-known projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. On SELF-ANNIHILATING CONSCIOUSNESS we see the work on Sacral Regicide standing as a foundation—but all aspects evolving with an impassioned urgency. Synth-laden dooming tones set the stage for an intense journey through a domain of ethereal black metal highlighted with majestic instrumentation to accompany the shrieking wails and chaos. A journey best described in the band’s own words:

“Self-Annihilating Consciousness is an exploration into the realm of gnosis that both illuminates and destroys, that draws out the truth of Being even as it ruptures our conceptions of Self and Other. Molded around a black metal core, it spills open at times into angular meditations, cosmic thralldom, and orgies of ecstatic metallic fervor. The album coheres around mind-altering revelations that bring a mirror to the invoker only to then shatter the reflection. Logos wrestles with Abyss in an eternal struggle over who will properly wield the blazing sword of intangible truth.”

The album will stand as a testament of discovery and enlightenment.

Self-Annihilating Consciousness was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studios by Ethan Camp in May 2016, mixed and mastered to tape by Pete deBoer at World Famous Studios in Denver in February 2017. All photography within the album’s packaging by Amjad Faur, who also executed the album’s layout with J. DeLacy.

The vinyl edition of this album will be presented as a gatefold 2LP. The gatefold jacket will contain a gold-foil stamp, and a limited number of copies will be available on metallic gold vinyl.

Eigenlicht is:
Yianna Bekris (guitar)
Ray Hawes (guitar/vocals)
Mara Winter (keyboards/vocals/flute)
J. DeLacy (drums)



Listen to HELL in full and pre-order CD at Eroding Winds:

Listen to HELL in full and pre-order CD at Bandcamp:

The self-titled full-length cassette released by Sentient Ruin and Lower Your Head in 2017 is now available on CD!

The eponymous, fourth full-length by HELL is a descent into the deepest pits of oppressive sludging doom.

Packaged in an old-style tip-on gatefold jacket printed by Stoughton Printing and includes a lyric sheet insert with new and expanded artwork. Limited to 500 copies.

Lower your head.



Krallice with Dave Edwardson – Loüm LP

Pre-order the LP now at Eroding Winds:

Pre-order the LP now at the Gilead Media bandcamp:

The most recent full-length LP from New York’s Krallice marks yet another distinct evolutionary leap in their recorded output, and includes vocals and synth by Dave Edwardson, who is most well known as the bassist of the legendary NEUROSIS.

Although still distinctly Krallice in sound, they once again prove their masterful ability to contort and twist their works into a new beast while maintaining a natural feeling of songwriting progression. Edwardson adds an entirely new element with his unmistakable, harsh vocals and atmospheric synth layers.

Loüm is presented with cover art by Carl Auge of His Hero Is Gone.

Presented as a single LP in a gatefold jacket with lyric sheet insert.

Dave Edwardson – Vocals and Synths
Colin Marston – Guitar
Lev Weinstein – Drums
Mick Barr – Guitar and Vocals
Nicholas McMaster – Bass and Vocals

Recorded May and August 2017 at Menegroth the Thousand Caves, Woodhaven Queens NYC by Colin Marston.
Synth tracks played by Dave at the Vintage Synth Museum, recorded by Lance Hill.
Cover art painted by Carl Auge.



Krallice – Go Be Forgotten LP

Pre-order now from Eroding Winds:

Pre-order now from the Gilead Media bandcamp:

The Second of two full-length Krallice albums for end of 2017.

As we enter the new year we also approach the 10-year anniversary of the first Krallice full-length album. Their self-titled debut set the US metal world ablaze as it seemed to come from nowhere and make a distinguishing mark on North American Black Metal, and what it would become. This album touches upon that time, and the feeling of earlier Krallice records.

Presented as a single LP in a single pocket jacket with lyric sheet insert.

Download code included.

Colin Marston – Guitar
Lev Weinstein – Drums
Mick Barr – Guitar and Vocals
Nicholas McMaster – Bass and Vocals




Thanks for everyone that has pre-ordered both of these titles on vinyl and been so very patient awaiting their arrival.

A delay was created due to a print error on both releases that falls entirely on my shoulders. I goofed and we needed to send new LP labels to the plant. Everything is straightened out and these should be wrapped up end of the month here.