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Bastard Sapling + Sea of Bones now available in Europe courtesy of Debemur Morti

If you live in Europe you can now save some money order Sea of Bones and Bastard Sapling vinyl from Debemur Morti Productions. Get those and other Gilead releases now:


More stuff added to the Gilead online store in the last few days, and inventoried all of my remaining shirts (not a lot) and have those back up in the store as well. Hoping to re-print more sizes/new designs of things over the colder months here. Here’s everything that’s gone up in the store over the past week or so. NOTE: the Forn LP from Vendetta is here and it RULES (along with other newish Vendetta titles). Mega recommendation on that one. Restocked HELL trilogy box sets. New YOB CD. And the Primitive Man/Hessian split and Amenra/Vvovnds splits from Hypertension!

Alraune – The Process of Self-Immolation CD – $12.00
Ancst – In Turmoil LP – $17.00
Anti Ritual – Anti Ritual LP – $17.00
Amenra/Vvovnds split LP – $18.00
Forn – The Departure of Consciousness LP – $16.50
Hell – Trilogy pic disc box set 4LP – $88.00
Mournful Congregation – Tears From a Grieving Heart – $10.00
Mournful Congregation – The June Frost CD – $10.00
Mournful Congregation – The Book of Laws CD – $10.00
Mournful Congregation – The Unspoken Hymns CD – $10.00
Mournful Congregation – The Monad of Creation CD – $10.00
Pallbearer – Foundations of Burden CD – $13.00
Primitive Man/Hessian – Split 12″ – $18.00
Turmoil – The Process of LP – $12.50
Whitehorse – Fire to Light the Way/Everything Ablaze LP – $17.00
Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend CD – $13.50

Ash Borer – s/t LP – $20.00
Ash Borer – Cold of Ages 2LP – $23.00
The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer CD – $12.50
The Atlas Moth – An Ache for the Distance CD – $12.00
Drcarlsonalbion – Gold LP – $24.00
Generation of Vipers – Howl & Filth LP – $15.00
Hell – Trilogy Pic Disc 4LP box set – $82.00
Krallice – Years Past Matter CD – $11.00
Loss – Despond CD – $11.00


Get em:

Alraune LP delays & update

After three rounds of flawed jackets, we are now moving the jacket printing to a new printer. We are very sorry for this delay, but the problems have been quite out of our control. Rest assured we’re doing everything we can to get them out in a timely manner.

If you have other items on hold with your pending Alraune pre-order, and would like those other items shipped before the Alraune LP is ready, we can work that out. US shipping destinations can get the rest of their order shipped for a discounted shipping price of $2.50. Please email if you’re interested.

Otherwise we will have more updates and a new ship date ASAP. Thank you all so much for your support and patience. We’re almost there. And worry not, the vinyl sounds incredible.

Online store update

Lots of new items in the store, and a ton of restocks. Get em!

Alraune – The Process of Self-Immolation CD – $12.00
Amenra/Vvovnds split LP – $18.00
Anicon/Belus – Split LP – $16.00
Coltsblood – Into the Unfathomable Abyss 2LP – $30.00
Deb Saakaldte – Faen i Helvete LP – $26.00
Drcarlsonalbion (Dylan Carlson of Earth) – Gold Soundtrack LP – $24.00
Gevurah – Necheshirion LP – $15.00
Hell – Trilogy pic disc box set 4LP – $88.00
Mournful Congregation – Concrescence of the Sophia CD/LP – $10.50/$14.00
Oozing Wound/Black Pus – Split LP – $14.00
Pallbearer – Foundations of Burden CD – $13.00
Primitive Man/Hessian – Split 12″ – $18.00
Protestant – In Thy Name LP – $13.00
Recluse – Frozen Blood LP – $15.00
Sea Bastard – Scabrous 2LP – $30.00
Surachai – Ritual LP – $19.00
Temple of Baal – Verses of Fire 2LP – $29.00
Urfaust – Urfaust – Trúbadóirí Ólta an Diabhail LP
Vanhelgd – Relics of Sulphur Salvation LP – $14.00
Vilkacis – Blood Dream in the Fever of War Lp – $15.00
Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite CD/2LP – $15.00/$24.00
Year of No Light – Nord 2LP (re-issue) – $29.00
Year of No Light – Ausserwelt 2LP – $29.00
Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend CD – $13.50
Young Widows – In and Out of Youth and Lightness 2LP – $19.00

Aevangelist – Omen Ex Simulacra 2LP – $29.00
Amalgamated Sons of Rest – s/t 12″ – $10.00
Amenra – Mass IIII LP – $22.00
Amenra – Mass III CD – $15.00
Aosoth – IV: An Arrow in Heart 2LP – $31.00
Aosoth – III: Violence & Variations LP – $28.00
Ash Borer – s/t LP – $20.00
Ash Borer – Cold of Ages 2LP – $23.00
Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess 2LP – $21.00
Atlas Moth – The Old Believer CD – $12.50
Blut Aus Nord – Liber II LP – $22.00
Blut Aus Nord – Liber III LP – $22.00
Blut Aus Nord – Memoria Vetusta I LP – $21.00
Blut Aus Nord – The Mystical Beast of Rebellion 2LP – $31.00
Generation of Vipers – Howl & Filth LP – $15.00
Grouper – The Man Who Died in His Boat LP – $15.50
Horseback – Piedmont Apocrypha LP – $16.00
Locrian/Mamiffer – Bless Them That Curse You 2LP – $24.00
Mammoth Grinder – Underworlds LP – $13.00
Merkstave – Merkstave LP – $18.00
Obsequiae – Suspended in the Brume of Eros LP – $15.00
Oranssi Pazuzu – Valonielu LP – $14.00
Protestant – Reclamation 12″ – $11.00
Ruins of Beverast – Blood Vaults 2LP – $29.00
Ruins of Beverast – Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite 2LP – $29.00
Ruins of Beverast – Rain Upon the Impure 2LP – $29.00
Ruins of Beverast – Unlock the Shrine 2Lp – $29.00
Ruins of Beverast – Enchanted by Gravemould LP – $22.00
Saturnalia Temple – Impossibilum LP – $15.50
Vasaeleth – All Uproarious Darkness LP – $12.00
Vasaeleth – Crypt Born and Tethered to Ruin LP – $12.00
Wife – What’s Between LP – $17.50
Year of No Light/Altar of Plagues – Split LP – $20.00

My personal thanks for Gilead Fest 2014


It’s difficult to form my thoughts from Gilead Fest 2014 into sentences that make sense to anyone else. Three weeks have passed, and my head is still swimming with all of the feelings and experiences I want to elaborate on and make clear to you. The same text edit file where I’m currently attempting to compose this Fest wrap-up is also filled with dozens of phrases and words that would seem like random nonsense to anyone else. It is my brain on paper, so to speak. My adjustment back to the real world has been a strange one as the fog from that weekend still lingers, densely.

That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed the suddenly free schedule, because it’s been something amazing to actually spend time with my friends again over the past couple weeks, even with the responsibilities of my full-time job. But that weekend of July 18th will leave an impression on me for the rest of my days, regardless how long that may be.

For a long time Gilead Fest was intended to be a one-time event. Even on the weekend of the first festival in 2012, although I told people we would “see what happened” when they asked when we could do this again, I was confident this was a one-time thing. I thought then that I couldn’t possibly handle the stress of setting up what I considered to be such a large undertaking again in the future, despite the unbelievable return on the energy I had invested. But in my heart of hearts I had the feeling that this would happen again, regardless of what my own fears, desires, or even better judgment might be, Gilead Fest had to happen again. It must.

It took me a year to realize this truth. And even when I had finally given in to the reality that there would be another Gilead Fest, I didn’t want to admit it to anyone else. I take on stress and hold anxiety heavily, and I didn’t want to put myself through that again. But there’s something I wrote on the bio for the Gilead Media site regarding the fact that this isn’t a labor of love. This is a labor of necessity. I don’t do this because I love it, I do it because I must. I don’t have a choice. This label and this music festival – I need them both in order to function.

As should be obvious to anyone that follows my work with these bands, I pour myself into this. My work is motivated by my love, my misery, my happiness, and my angst. It is intensely personal. My relationship with music is obsessive and has been since I was young. It has been my coping mechanism since I’ve realized my need to cope. This music is my life. It’s what drives me and a large part of gives me the will to carry on.

This scene and the sub-culture we thrive within together is something truly exceptional. In a world that seems to have a dark shadow lingering two steps behind it, what we’ve built together is something of immeasurable beauty and filled with a wonderful light to cast that shadow away. We all have a role to play in this drama that is our life and collective existence. Take a moment and think about what we’ve been able to accomplish together, the scope of it all. Peel back the layers of grit and filth thrown over our precious creation by the mundane nature of life and look at the true importance of what we’re involved in and how, against all reason, it thrives. Our community grows, and in turn it fuels us. This isn’t “just” music. It’s so much more than that.

Thank you to all those that attended, to the artists that came to share their work in an intimate environment, and to my volunteer staff that lent me their time and priceless energy. Every single one of you has been an integral part of the unique atmosphere of Gilead Fest. We all contributed in great ways to the positive atmosphere of that weekend, ultimately creating something much larger than ourselves. Yes, I may have brought you all to my small hometown, but I myself am not the beacon that draws us together. We collectively fuel that light with our passion and dedication and reflect it in our own lives, increasing its luminance. Thank you for being a part of that energy, for reflecting the light, and for bringing it with you to Gilead Fest. For three days this was an epicenter of something tremendously unique, exceptionally positive, and endlessly beautiful. Only through those who share that energy will an inclusive DIY community continue to grow.

Adam Bartlett, Gilead Media
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
August 13, 2014

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